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There are many new laws that may help you or your loved one.  Call or write for free consultations.

Founded by Marilee Marshall in 1981 this boutique firm is exclusively limited to matters related to Criminal Defense.






Marilee Marshall is Certified by the California State Bar as both a Criminal Law Specialist and an Appellate Law Specialistj and is recognized Lawyer of Distinction. There are only five other attorneys in the state of California who are Certified Specialists in both criminal law and appellate law.

She and other attorneys with her firm have for many years successfully defended clients at both the trial and appellate levels in the California State Courts, the United States District Courts throughout California, the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.  The firm also excels at lifer parole related writs.

All attorneys who have ever practiced with this firm are experienced trial and appellate practitioners who possess excellent research and writing skills enabling them to produce quality legal documents that effectively plead their client's cause. Due, at least in part, to their appellate practice, the attorneys have always been extremely familiar with the law and up to date on current legal issues, taking great pride in preparing written motions and documents in trial-level cases.

We offer an initial free consultation on any criminal matter. In all instances the emphasis is on providing a diligent and caring defense. There are many new laws that may help you or your loved one. Call or write for free consultations If you or a loved one has been accused, or convicted, of a crime, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the case with you and determine if we may be of assistance.

Video of Ms. Marshall Successfully Arguing at California Supreme Court and scroll down to the box labelled In re Martinez (Hector) on Habeas Corpus, S226596 (Johnson, J., assigned justice pro tempore)

Video of Ms. Marshall Successfully Arguing at United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit February 2019




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Special Expertise in Murder and other Serious Felonies




We are proud of our poster collection and particularly the prison art which adorns our walls.



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